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17 FREE ways to advertise your Cleaning Business

17 Free Methods to Advertise Your Cleaning Business

The most difficult part of bolstering your business is effectively devising a good marketing method. Advertising your business in efforts to raise local awareness can be both time consuming and expensive. If you’re a new business without the perks of marketing professionals to do the advertising for you, you may need to plan your own way of reaching out to your customers. There are a variety of free and easy ways to advertise your  cleaning business, allowing you to save your budget. Here are some free marketing methods you can use to promote your business in your local area:

  1. Build a web presence

With such a large amount of internet and social media users in today’s digital age, one of the most important aspects of advertising a business is building a solid web presence. You can make a free website that offers detailed information about your business and advertises your products and services. Also building up a social media presence is important for reaching a large amount of potential customers, use a Twitter account to interact with people and promote your business through tweets. Create a business Facebook page and encourage friends to share. Get your customers involved on social media in a way to bring attention to you and what your business is doing. Moving your business’ advertisements to the web is an effective way of reaching a wider range of people.

This is an area that I would suggest investing in when you have a viable business. If your technology savvy, I suggest building your own site using a free CMS (content management system) like WordPress. This means you would need a hosting service. Or if you are looking for a simple drag and drop website builder, GoDaddy makes a very simple site builder, but it’s not free.

  1. Use local listing services to Market your Cleaning Company


Additionally, registering your business with Google Places is a good way to ensure that it is found in Google searches and Marketing your cleaning companyappears in Google Maps. By filling out the form and registering, you get your business verified. You can also use Yahoo! Local and Microsoft’s Bing which are similar services that are free and easy to sign up for. Once your site is listed in these directories, many other directories will pick up your listing organically and add the information to their own resources. If you are worried that there are free directories that your not listed in, simply do a Google search for “Cleaning companies in (Town,State)” and check all the top listings that are returned. Most of the first 2 pages will be results from directories like Just go to their page and create a free account.


  1. Press releases


Create your own press releases. In order to perpetuate news about your business, send out a press release as an effective advertising tool to generate publicity. You can use a variety of free websites to help create your press releases as well, so all you need to do is submit press releases to your local newspaper for the chance to get displayed in print for free. In addition you can use social media to push the news.

By tagging other businesses, newspapers, friends and family in a post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can get a lot of shares and build awareness of your new presence. Also, research a handful of popular hashtags to include in your post to increase the chance of your post getting found organically, For example, if you post a short message about your company and the services you are offering, include hashtags like: #cleaning #Austin #moving #RealEstate … By using hashtags like these, you can include your business in a string of common words people may be searching for. Using your local town or business is especially a good hashtag. If someone searches “Cleaning Companies Austin TX” on Facebook, FB will show a string of related results that can include a recent post of yours that included similar hashtags in it.


  1. Use multimedia to Advertise your Cleaning Business


Start promoting your business using multimedia videos to advertise on free platforms such as YouTube. Create a YouTube channel and devise videos that market your business with interesting video content, and post them regularly on your page. Don’t forget to use this video to share within your other social media networks to gain maximum exposure.

Just as explained above, it’s important to include some keywords in your video description to help improve your chance of getting found organically in these platforms. I always suggest using keywords like the city or towns you service.


  1. Attend local networking events

advertise your cleaning businessBuilding connections and networking is an important way to promote your business’ awareness and meet local contacts and potential customers. Try to attend events and meet-ups on your business’ niche, and get involved by participating in discussion and getting to know the other attendees. There are many ways to find out when a networking event is coming up. Facebook is a great resource, Craigslist, the local newspaper and a simple Google search will help you find events near you. Also, try groups like BNI (Business Network International)and your local chamber of commerce. The latter are always running brunches and dinners to try to recruit new businesses in the area.



  1. Start a blog on your Cleaning Website


Starting a blog for your business is a great method for keeping up the promotions and continuing to post news about what your business is doing. Use keywords and phrases in your blog posts to help increases the chances of getting found in search engines, and make sure that you keep up on providing new, quality content. Maintaining a consistent business blog allows your customers another platform for interacting with you by having the opportunity to comment on posts. Include social sharing links and links to your other social media networks to further expand its reach. Encouraging people to share your blog posts on their social media accounts is a great way to market your cleaning business.


  1. Guest Post on other Cleaning Sites


Similarly, writing a post for someone else’s site is a great way to increase exposure for your business and gain a solid reputation in the field. It also gives you the opportunity to make new connections with different bloggers and potentially attract more customers, as well as showing your expertise in the field. This has an additional benefit… once you have your own website, you will need backlinks to give your website authority in the eyes of search engines like Google. This is an extremely in-depth topic that i’ll have to cover in another post 🙂


  1. Encourage word of mouth promotion

marketing your cleaning business

Offer promotion deals to your existing customers to encourage them to promote your business via word of mouth. Providing
a discount to any customer who successfully recommends your business to others is a good way to reward your existing loyal customers and to increase your chances of gaining new customers. It’s not always necessary to spend a ton of money to advertise your cleaning business.

Word of mouth promotion is responsible for the majority of new business in any company. Most new businesses don’t have a Scrooge McDuck sized mountain of money to spend on promoting their new business, so they have to rely on others spreading the word about the great services or products they are offering. This is also why it’s so important to deliver the absolute best customer experience you can. I can personally attest to a boom in my own business from this method alone. My company picked up an entire medical park one office at a time, just from one office referring us to their neighbors!

  1. Have a Cleaning business card


If you’re just starting out, having a business card that includes your website address, letterhead, and any other information is a way to let potential customers know that you’re a professional businessperson. Have business cards made and drop them off at other local businesses who offer to promote local businesses, and have them available at your business for customers to take and pass on. Give your cards to friends and family and have them hand out them out.


  1. Make flyers


This simple advertising method can go a long way. You can make flyers for free from your own computer with a variety of free programs, and then hand them out to prospective customers or hang them up around town is designated spots. Designing an eye-catching flyer is a good way to grab people’s attention and make them read about your business.

My very first job was a result of a realtor reading a flyer I dropped off at the realty office he worked at. The flyer was pretty simple, i suggested some prices I would charge for end of tenancy cleaning and even discounted the first cleaning. This worked great. If you want to read more on this specific example I did a post on it earlier – End of Tenancy Cleaning 


  1. Make “cold calls”


Make as many cold calls as you can to people who you would like to do business with. Get on the telephone and briefly describe to them what your business entails, and politely ask to set up a meeting to discuss how you can work together potentially. Expanding your network and making connections through helping and partnering with other people and businesses is a great way to spread your business’s name.You can see a previous blog post I did on cold calling here – Cold Calling Cleaning Business – And don’t be afraid to get out and go door to door. People like someone who is smiling and looks put together. I know if I ever had a dip in business, I could drive around for a day and drop off business cards and get call backs the next day. I built my business on this concept! Write yourself a script if you need to, but simply enter a business, ask to speak to the office manager and tell them about the services you offer. Simple. Not everyone will say yes, but i promise not everyone will say no either!


  1. Have a sample of your product ready


This is a fairly simple one. Promoting samples of your product and getting them to as many people as possible is a way to advertise your business and showcase the details of what you do. People who use your product and are satisfied may come back and continue purchasing from your business, so it’s important to create quality products to ensure that your customers are happy. Window cleaning takes very little time. I’ve been know to clean the windows on a small office for free and leave a business card after i was done with a price on the back for what I would charge to do the cleaning again. It cost me 10 minutes of my time. Big Deal. The lifetime value of that customer is worth hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. It’s worth the time I invested 🙂


  1. Offer deals and contest promotions


Getting your customers involved is important. Offering a variety of deals and contest promotions via social media is a great way to increases involvement and make customers happy. By posting the contest promotions on social media, people may see the deal and choose to share it with their friends, therefore spreading the word about your business. Fun offers like this show that your business cares about their customers and wants to get them involved. Raffle off a free window cleaning, a carpet cleaning, a couple hours of housecleaning, etc. If you use social media there are tools like RaffleCopter that handle the raffle for you and will give people tickets (points) based off how many times they share your post, if they like the page, etc. I believe RaffleCopter has a version you can use at no charge.


  1. Utilize email

Collect email addresses for your customers and send out regular email newsletters, promotions, and updates on the business. This will keep your customers in the loop with what’s going on, what products are available, and when certain promotions are going on. Additionally, the email newsletters are a good way of continually reminding customers about your business. I use GoDaddy’s email service along with hosting, so I can send email addresses from my own domain name. For example: Using a Gmail or Yahoo address like JohnsCleaning@Gmail is more unprofessional then say “”


  1. Write good reviews for local businesses


A good way to build a positive network with other businesses is to write good reviews for them online. Businesses who see you helping them out by promoting how good their business is may then return the favor, and leave your business a good positive review as well. Additionally, others will see your business name pop up on the internet when they’re searching for local businesses.


  1. Participate in community events


Getting involved in community events is a good way to get your name out there. Offer up your product or services as a prize for a local contest, or volunteer to participate in a community event for a cause as a business. Getting out there and being an active member of the community is important because it shows your customers and other local businesses that you’re serious about involving them and providing the best services possible.


  1. Promote charitable donations and fundraisers


Support a cause and offer charitable donations from a percentage of your profit that you receive when customers buy a product or service. This not only helps a good cause, but will increase customer traffic as they will be interested in helping the cause also. Also help out local organizations by offering fundraisers that donate a percentage of the profit for a certain day to the organization, in exchange for them publicizing the fundraiser to the community. This can bring in an influx of people and promote your business while increasing your sales for the day.

There are several ways to successfully market your business without the hefty cost. Simply being involved in promoting your business in any way you can helps go a long way, and being an active member of the community undoubtedly helps increases your social network and connections with customers and other local businesses. These tips, along with many other free marketing methods, can effectively help advertise your business and bring in potentially new customers.

If you have other tips leave a comment below and I will extend the list  😆 

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