Cleaning Business Flyers and Postcards

Cleaning Business Flyers and Postcards

Many people will tell you that flyers, postcards and other direct mail outs are no longer an effective way of promoting a business. However, there are still thousands of businesses across the US that continue to have success with this method. Flyers can work well for a cleaning business just as they can for any local service business, so don’t toss the idea of a flyer campaign aside until you have at least tested this promotional method out.

The great thing about promotional flyers is that they can still be one of the more cost effective methods of generating cleaning business leads. Your can find free flyer templates online or you can design your own. When you take into account the low cost of printing or photocopying flyers, you only have to gain one or two cleaning jobs from a flyer drop and the campaign will have paid for itself many times over. If you are starting a cleaning business on a budget then this is one marketing approach that you must seriously consider.

In this article we offer some tips on the design and distribution of cleaning business flyers and other promotional materials.

Cleaning Business Flyer Design Tips

1) To get maximum attention you should focus on having great sales copy in the title of your flyer instead of highlighting your business name. Prospective customers will not really care what you call yourself, but rather how you can solve their problems.

2) Flyers are often discarded and are usually never looked at more than once, if you are lucky. For this reason the written copy on the flyer should encourage viewers to take action right away before you lose the chance. Give them an incentive to contact you right away by giving them an offer that they can’t refuse that is only available for a limited time.

3) Ask your designer or printer if you can use both sides of the flyer. Then you can have a front side that grabs the recipients attention with your promotional message and a rear side with additional facts about the cleaning services that your business offers.

4) Make sure that you get the details right. There is nothing worse than printing 5000 flyers and then finding out that they have spelling mistakes or incorrect contact details.

5) The design should be clean, clear and uncluttered. Keep it simple so prospects can understand your message without getting confused.

6) Include some testimonials from satisfied clients. This can be particularly effective if you have larger commercial clients that have a good reputation locally.

7) Consider deviating from a traditional flyer and using other promotional items. Postcards work well as they are smaller and stand a better chance of being filed away instead of being thrown in the trash. Other promotional items such as branded pens or refrigerator magnets can also work well.

Getting Flyers into the Hands of Prospects

There are many ways to get flyers into the hands of people in your area that may need cleaning services. Whatever you do you should always test different flyers out to see which ones generate the best response.

1) If you already have your cleaning business up and running and have some clients then start with them. Tell them that you’ve just had a flyer printed and would really appreciate it if they could take a few and pass them on to people that they know.

2) Hand them out to the people that you come across on a daily basis just as you would with your business cards.

3) Door to door distribution or arranging direct mail outs can work well. You can usually buy mailing lists of prospects that you can use to send out flyers or sales letters. If you do go door to door and deliver flyers by hand make sure that you check with your local post office first as some areas have ordinances that forbid unsolicited delivery of advertising materials.

4) One common method of flyer distribution is to slip them under the windscreen wipers of cars parked on the street or in public car parks. Be careful with this approach though as these flyers often end up scattered all over the streets and can give your business a bad name.

5) Attach one of your flyers to a community notice board outside a school or a church  where it will get some attention.

6) Team up with other businesses and work on your flyer campaigns together. Many other local businesses such as pool cleaners or lawn care business owners will be running similar campaigns to yours. At the least, you can compare strategies and idea. You could even go as far as doing joint promotions by featuring more than one business on the same flyer for maximum coverage.

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