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Cleaning Business Income – Earning Six Figures!

There are thousands of cleaning business owners out there who run small sized operations and make barely enough money for themselves and their families to get by on. Then there are those that become very wealthy from the cleaning industry. Clearly there are factors that separate small time cleaners from those earning ‘six figure’ incomes. I have outlined ten of these factors below.

cleaning company earnings

1) Seize Market Opportunities

Successful operators identify cleaning niches that are profitable and under served in their area. Assess local demand and the level of competition and jump straight into a market segment that shows promise rather than something that is crowded out with too many players.

2) Develop a Brand

A good brand will grow into a very valuable asset for you and allow you to win customers more easily as your reputation grows. A brand will also allow you to charge a price premium in the market if you consistently live up to your brands promise.

3) Productivity and Systems

Constantly work on improving your productivity so that you can get a lot more done with minimal resources and expense. You need to put systems in place to make sure that all aspects of your business run smoothly and effortlessly.

4) Understand Marketing

Test advertising methods to see which ones are the most cost effective for lead generation. Include other methods into your overall strategy such as cross-promoting the services of other businesses, networking and ‘word of mouth’ marketing. For more information see our article on Cleaning Business Marketing.

5) A Sales Strategy

Have a great sales strategy that makes the most of every lead. Refine this over time, focusing on professional appearance, understanding customer needs and sales techniques such as seeking out the decision maker and closing the deal.

6) The Up-Sell

It is easier to sell to your existing clients than it is to acquire new ones. Sell them additional cleaning services, premium services or sell them on more frequent service.

7) Know How to Manage Employees

Understand the process of hiring and managing cleaning staff so that you are able to free up your time to work on developing your business. To reach the ‘six figure’ income level you must leverage the time of others as you can only accomplish so much with the limited time that you have.

8) Customer Satisfaction

Let your clients know that you appreciate their business and work on building strong relationships with them. Satisfied clients will refer additional customers to you. For more on this topic see out article on Cleaning Business Customer Service.

9) Understand Cleaning Methods and Techniques 

To be able to service your clients well and train others to do this for you, you must have mastered the cleaning trade and continually strive to stay up to date with the latest developments.

10) A Positive Attitude 

Don’t let the negative stereotypes that cleaners often face weaken your strength or your goals. Remember all along that while you may be doing some cleaning work, you are above all an entrepreneur in a potentially lucrative business.

Having the right attitude is all about discipline and determination. You must be prepared to get through the tough times to reap the rewards at the end of the tunnel.

Could you start a cleaning business and earn a six figure income?


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2 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn with Your Own Cleaning Company?

  • Marquise

    How are you? I just recently moved to Phoenix, AZ for a change in life & I moved out here without a job in place so I went to work for my dad. He has a cleaning business restoring floors (marble, cleaning grout, concrete, & sealing), carpet upholstery, concrete sanding, & he has one contract with a local restaurant that we both clean at night. Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways to help him grow his business. He makes good money doing what he does, but I believe he can do a lot better. He undersell to his customers a lot with the idea in mind that the big name companies are gonna charge an arm & a leg. So if a job would normally be worth $5000, he would charge them $1500- $2000 or tell them to name a price if they can’t afford his service. I understand the idea of if you do a great job for them, they’re going to tell someone else about. But I believe, that your service is an investment for them & by him undercharging, it’s affecting my money. So I was just wondering are there any ways you can grow this type of business to a 6 figure or more business. I was thinking of creating a website or blog to get some of that online money. What do you think? Thanks..

    • Steven D Post author

      Hey Marquise! Undercharging for services is never a good idea, especially if you want to grow your business. It sounds like your dad may be content to offer his services at cost because he is only paying his own salary. If you’re starting a business to just pay yourself and make a decent living, then there is no problem with charging what you want your salary to be. That being said, if you’re trying to build a business, you need to compensate for equipment, payroll, insurances, and other expenses (including hiring employees).
      Get your dad to raise his prices to the local market so he’s competitive and use the extra revenue to advertise locally. I’ve had good luck with ads in free local papers. The ad price is lower then a big local publication and the circulation is about the same. And you can always go door to door and offer services instead of waiting for people to come to you! That’s how I built my business. If I’m in need of extra work, I start knocking on the door of mid-size businesses and offer my services. You might have to knock on 10-20 before you get a yes, but eventually YOU WILL get a yes 🙂
      Long answer but I hope that helps!