Productivity and Cost Savings Tips

Cleaning Business Productivity and Cost Savings Tips

When starting out in business many people focus on gaining more customers and increasing revenue, thinking it is the only way to improve profitability. Cleaning business professionals should also not forget though that by reducing expenses they can also increase their profits.

The best ways to reduce expenses are to look at cost savings in your business wherever they may be viable. You can also look at improving productivity so that you can achieve more with the resources that you have available.

Cleaning productivity

Here are some ideas on improving cleaning business productivity and some tips for reducing costs.

Equipment and tools are one of the keys to working smarter. Make sure that you have good quality equipment that is well maintained at all times. Make sure that staff are using the equipment properly and always be on the look out for new equipment that may be able to help your team do their work even more efficiently.

Being wary not to offend any one, tactfully offer your team advice on how to work smarter and more productively. Watch them in action and without singling anyone out as an example, go over some of your observations at a later date. Don’t take it for granted that they will all go about things logically. Tell them even the most basic things such as how to avoid backtracking or how they should clean from the top to the bottom.

Make sure that you are cleaning efficiently by making the best of your cleaning products. Some chemicals need time to be effective so if you are wiping them off immediately you are not giving them a chance to do what they are supposed to do.

Make sure that your employees are reading instructions properly on how to use the various chemical products. Check that they are combining them with the right amounts of water and have the water at the right temperature. They can save a great deal of money for you by using the right amount of chemical and resisting the urge to add extra.

As the business manager you should be trying to automate you business as much as possible and having knowledge of computers is essential here. Look into software packages that are designed specifically for the cleaning business and computer-powered tools that can simplify the price estimation process.

Spend some time looking at efficient route planning for your cleaning crews to try to minimize driving times and fuel costs.

If you go through a lot of cleaning products keep shopping around for better deals through bulk retailers or janitorial suppliers. It is even possible to make your own versions of some common cleaning products easily at home. This can save you money if you get hold of good recipes.

Look into teaming up with other cleaning business owners and buying cleaning products collectively so that you can get even deeper discounts.

Saving a little money here and a little time there can add up to some considerable savings over the course of a year. Increase your cleaning business profit by focusing on cost cutting and productivity improvements as well as increasing revenues.

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