An Effective Cleaning Business Website

An Effective Cleaning Business Website

Cleaning businesses can benefit immensely from having a website for existing customers to reference and as a marketing tool for bringing in new customers.

In this article we examine some of features that go into creating an effective website for a small cleaning business website

Firstly, you should aim to not make the mistake of having a website that is too ‘over the top’ or complicated. Having fancy graphics or welcome ‘flash’ presentations will only slow your site down and turn customers away. Visitors to a cleaning service company website don’t want to be entertained. They want to know what you can do for them to solve their problems so you should ensure that your site is simple and easy to navigate.

Don’t skimp on expenses or try to make a website yourself. A lot of perceptions that clients will have about your business will be based on their impression of your website. Make sure that your website is done professionally so that they get a good impression.

The home page should feature your brands flavor with your cleaning business name and logo at the top left hand corner of the page. Grab the customer quickly (before they click away) by telling them what you can do for them on your home page, outlining your core cleaning services in clear and simple text. Feature some testimonials from satisfied customers and consider including some images of sparkling clean rooms, satisfied customers or your neatly dressed team ready to go to action.

Seek permission to include some ‘trust symbols’ on your home page if your can. This could be the logos of some local business associations, the logo of a radio station that you advertise on or even the logos of some of your big commercial clients if they are particularly well known in the area and they give you permission.

Try to include a call to action on your home page to let customers know what they should do next. This could be a contact form (keep it brief) or a discount promotion if they call by the end of the day. Signing customers up for a newsletter is not always easy but if you can deliver them with great promotions or interesting and relevant content, even if it is only slightly related to cleaning then you will be rewarded with their attention. If you get their consent to be on your mailing list you are then able to pitch your services to them over and over again.

Make sure that site visitors can find an ‘About us’ page easily and that you present this page in a way that lets them know who you are, your background and how long you have been in the cleaning business. Be sure to include some professional looking photos of the key players behind the business so that customers can put a face to the business and see you as being friendly and approachable.

In today’s business environment you are shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t have a great website up promoting your company 24 hours a day. An effective cleaning business website could be essential to your success.

For details on how to promote your site so that you bring in a steady stream of targeted visitors see our next article on Cleaning Business Internet Marketing.


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