Funding a Cleaning Business

Funding a Cleaning Business

There are costs associated with starting a cleaning business if you want to get set up legally and professionally. While startup costs are reasonable when compared to other business models in other industries they can still be considerable when you add up the administrative, marketing, legal, insurance and equipment costs that are involved.

It is important to get an accurate idea of the costs that you will be facing if you proceed to start a cleaning business so that you can work out how to go about funding your new venture. Let’s take a look at some of the funding options available to entrepreneurs wanting to get started with their own cleaning businesses.

Funding it Yourself

Firstly you should try to fund your startup costs independently if at all possible. It is likely that costs associated with starting a cleaning business will run from a few thousand dollars up to around five or six thousand dollars and this is not an unreasonable amount to save. Try to avoid going into debt right away as you may need to explore avenues of credit further down the road if you run into trouble or need funding for expansion.

If you don’t have sufficient funding to start then consider waiting a while before starting your business in order to give yourself time to save money, do further research and gain more experience if possible.

Friends and Family

A small low interest loan from a friend or family member may also be an option worth looking into. You should be confident that you can handle a matter like this in a way that won’t strain your relationship with them.


If you find that the only way forward is through some kind of external funding then you could look at taking on an investor. They may want to work with you or may just want to have an ownership stake in your business.

Ask around in your social network and you may find someone. Be very careful who you do business with though as if they have invested funds then they will almost certainly want to have some influence in the management of the business.

Bank Loans

A small business loan from a bank is another option. You should find that local banks have a variety of loans available to small business with varying interest rates and repayment schedules. Your case for a loan will be strengthened if you have a good account history with the bank and you are able to show them a good business plan and a willingness to fund at least part of the startup costs independently. Even then it is likely that you will need a guarantor or some kind of collateral in order to get a loan.

Government Grants and Loans

There are government agencies in the US such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) that are able to provide financial assistance to small businesses. It is well worth your time to look into the opportunities that are out there for both loans and grants that you may be eligible for. The downside here is that the application process can be demanding and to qualify you will need to have an exceptional business plan. You must also be able to meet other criteria which may include considerations such as how your cleaning business will benefit your local community.

Credit Card Financing

The last method worth mentioning is credit card financing. Many entrepreneurs have started businesses using credit cards after all other attempts at securing funding failed. While this method is risky due to the high interest rates involved it can work out for those who are confident that they will be able to start making repayments within a couple of months.

There are many sources of funding available to those wanting to start a cleaning business. Whichever way you take be sure to budget carefully so that every dollar is put to use in a way that will ensure a good rate of return on your investment.


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