Start an Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Business

Start an Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Business

One great way that you can separate yourself from your competitors in your local market is by becoming a ‘green’ or environmentally friendly cleaning business.

Many customers are looking to support businesses that offer their services in a way that has a neutral or positive effect on start a Green Cleaning Businessthe environment. Some of these customers have genuinely good intentions while others are into the idea as it is trendy and they want to be seen by others to be doing their part. Either way this growing section of the market is well worth targeting. You can often get away with charging a premium for your services as well as feel good that what you are doing is having a positive impact.

The cleaning business involves the use of a lot of products that typically contain a lot of chemicals that are sometimes toxic to the natural environment and sometimes even to people and animals. Modern cleaners should be starting to familiarize themselves with some of the new environmentally friendly, biodegradable brands of cleaning product. It is even possible to make a variety of natural cleaning products yourself using common ingredients such as salt, lemon juice, corn starch and vinegar. There are numerous recipes available on the Internet.

Some ‘green’ cleaners are starting to use HEPA Vacuum cleaners, which prevent dust particles from being blown back into the air. By doing this they protect those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Learn some more about the US Green Building Councils LEED (Leadership in Environmental Design) standards for new and green cleaning hepa filterexisting buildings. To become LEED certified, buildings must be serviced by ‘green’ janitorial practices. The opportunities here for cleaners, particularly in the commercial and office market are extremely promising.

The key to promoting a ‘green’ cleaning service is to promote the ‘green’ factor heavily in your advertising. Have the ‘green’ cleaner theme splashed over your vehicle so that your customers can be proud to have you parked outside their property.

When bidding on contracts highlight the environmental dangers of most conventional products. Without intimidating prospects remind them that many larger companies are coming under the consumer radar these days for their impact on the environment. Now would be a great time for them to go ‘green’ in at least some aspects of their business.

Lastly you shouldn’t forget that by adopting green practices you are protecting not only the health of the environment and your customers but also the health of yourself and your fellow cleaners. Starting an environmentally friendly cleaning business is a smart move all round.


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