Turning Leads into Accounts 2

Turning Leads into Accounts

In order to succeed in the cleaning business you have to be able to sell your services to prospective clients. In terms of your marketing efforts, getting a customer enquiry is only half the battle. The other half of the battle is actually meeting with them, closing the deal and getting a commitment from them.

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A lot has been written about developing good sales methods and refining them. In this article I will go over some of the basics and outline a cleaning business sales strategy.

Knowledge can help you to win clients. You should aim to know all that you can about providing cleaning services in the niche that you are targeting. Display your knowledge to customers when you meet with them and offer practical solutions to their problems. If you impress them you will stand a better chance of winning the account compared with a cleaner who has only vague suggestions to offer.

Take along something to give them that tells them about your business. At the very least you should have a business card. If appropriate to the client’s situation, consider taking along a folder with ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures to show them what you have been able to accomplish for other clients. If you have any well-known corporate clients and you are able to get reference letters from them then this could help you to win other cleaning accounts.

Try to bond with your customer by chatting about things that they would be interested in such as their business, their home or their area. Being natural is the key to success here.

Develop a sales script that you can memorize, even if it is just four or five great sentences that you can slip into the conversation. You can deviate from the script where necessary and over the years you can make alterations to try to improve it.

Learn some basic selling skills that you can have in your arsenal if you need them. Seek out the person who is responsible for making the decision, learn how to read people by their body language and learn how to negotiate and close a deal. Keep your sales efforts subtle though and never be pushy or try to sell too hard.

Lastly, depending on the account at stake you should dress like you mean business. If you dress professionally people will assume that you run a serious and sizable operation. If you want to look like a ‘one man show’ then by all means turn up looking like a cleaner.

Successful cleaning businesses always work to turn an ever higher percentage of their cleaning leads into customer accounts. Enquiries cost money and you should be doing all that you can to convert them into clients.

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2 thoughts on “Turning Leads into Accounts

  • Annette Brandes

    Is the price charged ever based on square footage of the private home? In doing a study of homes in southern Florida, the amounts varied from 6 cents to 25 cents per square foot. I’m finding it confusing to base “one price fits all”, when there is a staggering difference in homes.
    Your input is appreciated.

    • Steven D Post author

      Hi Annette! I don’t base my pricing on Sq ft unless I am doing carpet cleaning or stripping and waxing floors. Instead I walk through the property (or home) and base the price on HOW LONG it will take to complete. Especially for new cleanings, the house you’re quoting may need more attention at first, so you should charge more for the first visit. Typically I will base my price on an hourly amount I feel comfortable with (say $20-$25hr) and use that as a base. Hope that helps 🙂