Instant Office Cleaning Kit

Length: 148 Pages

Clean up the profits with The “Instant Office Cleaning Kit”. The Number One Start-Up guide for Anyone wanting to start their own office cleaning business. This Kit includes:

Step-by-easy-step instructions: How to get started Risk Free.


INTRODUCTION LETTER: Leave a lasting impression and distinguish yourself from the competition.
PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGREEMENT (the bid): It’s a proven job-winning service agreement like none other. It’s so effective.This service agreement was inspired and developed with feedback from actual office managers themselves.(the decision makers) This is what they want to see! This one document by itself is worth the price of the entire kit.
BID FOLLOW UP LETTER: Increase your chances of getting the job!
REMINDER LETTER: Mail this powerful reminder letter that shows you mean business. An economical, effective way to keep your company name in front of customers and prospects.
A SQUARE FOOT ESTIMATING CHART: To correctly figure the price for each job.
Prime customer categories, forms you can use, samples and so much more!

PLUS…the proven Kit includes 4 Great Bonus Reports that explain the 4 most profitable add on services that all offices pay for. Many people have gotten amazing results in getting started from scratch and getting customers with the “Instant Office Cleaning Kit”. You can too!