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How I turned a $70 cleaning job into THOUSANDS Year after Year!

When I first started my cleaning business I was targeting property managers primarily. One of the first property managers I did work for gave me a small carpet cleaning job at one of his run down apartments. I wasn’t sure why he even bothered to have the carpets done. The entire unit needed work. Scars in the wall, paint on the ceiling was peeling and there was even a hole in the bathroom floor you could see straight through to the basement below!

I met him at the unit and gave him a price for the 2 rooms he wanted done. It was a living room joined with a den and the cleaning jobcarpets were DISGUSTING. Stains, weeks of un-vacuumed grime and noticeable urine marks I could only hope belonged to a pet and not the previous occupants themselves.

I wasn’t sure what I would be able to do for the owner, some of the stains looked years old. I told him I would clean the carpets for $70  (I told myself that if if the carpet stains didn’t look any better when I was finished I would discount the job). A couple hours later after attacking the carpets with stain remover, Goo Gone, pre-spray and extracted it, the carpets looked much better. There were still areas that had some paint stains and ink that had set in the carpet fibers, but overall it was night  and day.

The property manager was so happy with the outcome he gave me two more units to clean the following week. The real breakthrough came though a few weeks later. I received a call from the town manager in that same city I had cleaned carpets in and was asked to come bid on some public properties for carpet cleaning. I found out when I met with him that the property manager had been bragging me up and the work I had been doing at his rental units. Apparently because he had so many units in the town he was at the town office frequently enough to be on a first name basis with the manager.

The visit was pretty straightforward. We walked through the Police Station, Public Library, Town Office, Fire Station and some Recreation Centers the town operated. Given the scope of the job and the fact that I was just starting out, I would have felt compelled to offer a discount ordinarily. However. And that’s a big HOWEVER. I knew that I was contacted because my services were valued. So I made my bid competitive and the town manager accepted on the spot. The job payed a couple thousand and they continue to award me the same properties annually. Over the past few years I’ve been able to upsell them on window cleaning, upholstery cleaning and some general cleaning services.

So to make a short story even shorter… taking your time to do a thorough job, even if it’s only a $70 job, can continue to pay dividends years down the road!

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