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How “Just answering the phone” net me $5k a year

Yesterday I received a call from a business owner looking to have her facility cleaned just once a week. It’s a chiropractic office, has 2 bathrooms, 4 offices and one large area for physical therapy treatments. All told it’s probably around 2,000 Sq ft. She informed me on the phone she called a few different cleaning companies and wanted to know if if would submit a proposal. I told her if would be happy to and stopped in a couple hours later to take a look at the for profit
Pretty basic stuff. Or so I thought… The next day I drafted a bid and stopped in around noontime to drop it off and ask a few questions about why she is switching companies, what areas need extra attention, etc. I didn’t discount the quote at all, mostly because I have have a full schedule and I don’t NEED the business. This turned out to be a good decision. After talking with with the business owner for a couple minutes, she tells me that the other companies DIDN’T EVEN CALL HER BACK! Talk about dropping the ball!
Needless to say I was given the job and on top of that the owner had a second location a few miles away that also needed to be serviced a couple times a month. The total monthly revenue is around $475 for 6 cleanings. Hourly the rate works out to roughly $42 an hour, which is a healthy enough margin to pay an employee to service the account and have plenty of profit left over after!

At the end of the day, I won a new account, paid someone else to service it and took home new revenue with no more trouble than answering a phone

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