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Naming you cleaning business is generally the first check box on your cleaning startup checklist. Careful thought should be put into choosing a name because the first time you offer services under that name you have started building a brand. Changing your name years into operation can confuse prior customers who are looking to hire you again, not to mention all cleaning business namesthe money spent on uniforms, car wraps, cleaning business cards, logo design, filing your articles of incorporation, etc.

So below are some generic cleaning business names and what situations they are used in.


1.)  (AAA, A-1. A+, ABC) Cleaning Service

These types of cleaning business names are usually found by company owners who started their company before 2008. The reason being? The phone book. The phone book listed company names alphabetically. Any person looking for a service in the phone book typically starts at the top of the page and works their way down. So if your company “XYZ Cleaning” is listed at the bottom of the directory, and you didn’t pay for an ad on that page, chances are slim someone looking for a cleaning service would have made it that far down the page before finding a competitor first. Phone books have gone the way of the dinosaur and online listings now are sorted by relevance, location, customer ratings and other algorithms.

2.) [Last Name] Cleaning Services

This is very generic and generally not very creative. “Smith Carpet Cleaning Services”, “Smith Window Cleaning”, “Smith Janitorial & Cleaning”. There is nothing wrong with choosing this type of name. Just make sure it’s easy to spell and easy to remember. If someone wants to hire you again down the road, they may not remember your companies name, or simply can’t spell it to find it!

3.) Geo-Location Cleaning Names

These names are very common and in my opinion tend to sound professional. Examples would be: NYC Carpet Cleaning, West Coast Janitorial, Northeast Window Cleaners, etc. The name describes the area you service and sounds more commercial.

4.) Squeaky Clean, Busy Bee and other “friendly” names

These creative names can be a real hit and immediately remembered. The one downfall is that they may not seem like “commercial” names. Of course the name has little to do with how big your company is, but it can be a perception issue. I see these types of names most commonly in home cleaning or laundromat owners. Examples: Maid to Order, Susie Q Cleaning, Squeaky Clean, Maid in Manhattan, etc.

5.) Using “Buzz” words in your cleaning business names

Some more common examples would be: Smith’s Professional Cleaning, Smith’s Cleaning Authority, Smith’s Cleaning Service. Putting these descriptive words in your business name gets your point across!

6.) Using Initials

You may find that the Geo-related name you want is already taken, or maybe someone has already laid claim to “Jen’s Cleaning Service”. When choosing a name you want to make sure the domain name is also available. Using a .Net or .Biz domain is 2nd class and also carries less authority as far as search engines are concerned. This may leave a different alternate for you. Initials. JSS Cleaning, DDT Cleaning, A & G Cleaning…the chances of cleaning business names like these already being taken is slim.

7.) First Name company names

In my experience names like “Tony’s Cleaning”, “Mary’s Maid Service”, can be either small or large companies. This name type is purely preference. A good example of a large franchise who uses first and last name is Paul Davis Restoration. Forbes has this company listed as one of the fastest growing franchises in 2014.

8.) No cleaning business name is complete without a slogan!

There are different kinds of cleaning business slogans. If you want to choose a funny creative slogan then something like these would fit:

  • We don’t Cut Corners, We Clean Them!
  • Gross Busters!
  • We Take a Bite Out of Grime!
  • Your Pane is Our Pleasure (Window Cleaning Reference)
  • We’re a Glass Act

Or if you want to choose a slogan that seems more traditional:

  • Professional is our Middle Name
  • Your Business. Cleaner.
  • Excellence Guaranteed
  • Quality Service, Unmatched Value
  • Reliable. Trustworthy. Proven.
  • One call cleans it all.

I hope these are helpful, leave your company name and slogan below to help others learn too!

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    • Steven D Post author

      Hey Dennis! Absolutely use the slogans 🙂 Check around your area of service and make sure no one else is already using it. A snappy slogan on a business card will get your customers attention and show a clever, friendly side of your company. Thanks for the comment!