how to use every door direct mail

How to Use USPS Every Door Direct Mail Tool

How to Use USPS Every Door Direct Mail

When running a small business, it’s essential to take advantage of the tools that will allow you to run your cleaning business smoothly and effectively. Creating an effective marketing strategy is critical to pulling in customers and expanding your business. The first step to rallying together a base of loyal customers is to focus on the surrounding neighborhoods within the nearby radius of your business. Gaining loyal customers from your local area is key to eventually spreading your business’ reputation, and Every Door Direct Mail can provide you with the available resources to reach that audience.  

how to use usps every door direct mail

USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service is one of those services designed to help expand your marketing to your local audience in an efficient way. Introduced in 2011 by USPS, the Every Door Direct Mail system is essentially an advertising system that helps businesses target potential customers in the area, allowing you to market your business towards specific demographics through an enhanced postal route system.

The service is cost effective and easy, and is great for expanding your business across a wide range of consumers near your cleaning business. By eliminating the need for mailing lists and permits, your business can go local at a low cost.

Should your business use Every Door Direct Mail?

If you’re looking for a good way to market your business to a mass, yet local, audience, then Every Door Direct Mail is the service you need. Marketing strategies are the most essential function of helping a small business succeed, and Every Door Direct Mail allows you to spread the word of your business directly to your consumers’ doorsteps.

The service lets you reach every address in a specific neighborhood without needing the consumers’ names and street addresses, making it a simple way of reaping the benefits of direct mail marketing without the extra costs factored into individually mailing to street addresses. The service uses a simple addressing format that eliminates the need of mailing list addresses. Without needing to buy mailing lists, you can in turn focus your attention on marketing towards potential customers in the area of your business.

All you need to do is identify the areas that you would like to reach, and the postal carrier will deliver the printed mail pieces to each home with their daily mail.

So how does it work?

Every Door Direct Mail has the postal carrier deliver your mailing message to each of the consumers’ mailboxes. You can reach up to 5,000 addresses, which allows you to reach an alarming amount of consumers in your business’s area. All you need to do is drop of your mail at the local post office of the targeted area.

To get started, you will need to contact the local print professional or visit, which will provide you with the online tools necessary for planning the process. This tool helps identify the neighborhoods for your business to reach, as well as provide you with the number of addresses and postage costs that factor into it. You can also use this tool to access the necessary documentation to submit to the mailing to the U.S. Postal Service.

The process is simple and efficient. First, you must plan your mailing route. You can do this by using the mapping tool it provides to choose your postal routes The mapping tool allows you to focus within a 5-mile radius of your business as well as search for the routes according to city, state or zip code. It also offers features that allow you to hone in on specific demographics, such as age, and average household income and size. This is a great marketing tool that gives your business the advantage of choosing an audience to gear their messages to.

Your business also has the option of choosing the size of your mailing messages. The Every Door Direct Mail-Retail service is an effective choice for your business to send up to 5,000 mailing messages a day per zip code. For 5,000 addresses or less, the Every Door Direct Mail-Retail is a good option as it allows you to drop off your pieces at a local post office in your area without needing a postage permit.

Every Door Direct Mail Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) is recommended for businesses who are looking to send out larger mailings, as opposed to the EDDM-Retail which focuses on smaller mail pieces per day. For Retail, your business is responsible for preparing the mail bundles and postal paperwork to be distributed.

The unique part of the Every Door Direct Mail service is that you are given the option to create mailpieces in a creative way that offers to share a story, announce sales, or to include promotions such as coupons, menus, event calendars and more. You are able to design it yourself to cater it towards your business and how you want to market it, as long as the piece meets the size limit designated by the service.

The service gives you the option of paying online or at the post office, so as long as you have a free account you can pay for postage conveniently online without any hassle. After your payment has been made, you can bring or send your mail to the post office to be sent out for delivery. The discounted postage rate of the Every Door Direct Mail service is its most appealing feature, at $.175 cents per piece. The low cost allows for your small business to implement a targeted marketing strategy with a low budget, which is great for smaller businesses looking for cost effective ways to get their name out there without having to spend a fortune.

How can your business benefit from Every Door Direct Mail?

Every Door Direct Mail is a great service that primarily benefits smaller businesses, although it is a great feature that any type of business or organization can benefit from if they are looking to reach out to local potential customers. You can boost your small business’ marketing plan by advertising to a targeted local group in order to drive your brand, utilizing the service to send out promotions, special offers, or just general information to inform the customers. EDDM also saves your business on time, cutting down the usual amount of time to process mail and prep it for delivery.

EDDM looks to help small businesses increase their customer base and effectively spread brand recognition. Companies looking to expand their brand, boots their reputation, and gain traffic from a more local base of customers are sure to benefit from this easy to use service.

The great thing about EDDM is that there are plenty of tools and resources provided for you to run your own campaign using the service, as well as providing access to a local USPS representative for any additional assistance you might need. EDDM offers budget friendly bundles, easy design tools, and low cost printing services to help your business successfully structure an effective advertising campaign. With all of the assistance that it provides, your small business will benefit and be able to target local customers guaranteed.

Essentially, if you have a small business and are looking to hone in your marketing strategy towards a more local audience, EDDM is a beneficial option for you. Marketing and advertising is such a necessary component of getting a small business off the ground, and it is important to gain the support of local customers.

You can curate your business’ mailing pieces to promote and expand your brand, using their creative design features to deliver interesting and attention grabbing advertisements. For a low cost and easy use, EDDM provides your small business with a simple yet effective way to advertise to local neighborhoods.

EDDM offers series of learning educational videos, as well as a free Success Kit with samples. You are also given access to trained specialists to assist you during any step of the process.

Do you qualify?

Every Door Direct Mail does have qualifications that need to be met in order for your business to be able to use their service. Firstly, your mailing piece must be below 3.3 ounces. You must mail at least 200 mail pieces a day and not exceed more than 5,000. Additionally, the mailing piece must not be more than 10 inches long or more than 18 inches high or .25 inches thick. Lastly, your mail piece must be a standard mail flat. As long as you meet all these requirements, your small business will be able to utilize EDDM to send out mailing to potential customers in the local area of your business.

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